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We Are A Registered Charity

Registration Number 516857

Whilst endeavouring always to help others, we too are a registered charity.

It costs a lot of money to run a band, or, in our case, four! For example, a decent cornet (the smallest instrument) can cost well over £1,000. Music and accessories have to be paid for; bills for heating, lighting, water and on-going maintenance and improvements all have to be paid for. The funding for all of this comes from the jobs we do and from the members' personal contributions.

The festive season particularly has seen us send out a group of players almost every night, year on year, to raise funds to support our activities throughout the following year.

You can help support us by using Easy Fundraising when you shop online.

It doesn’t cost you anything!!

Please help - As prize winners at the Welsh Regional Championships, ROYAL BUCKLEY TOWN BAND were invited to represent Wales at the National Brass Band Championships at Cheltenham in September 2019.

Due to the large costs attached to attending this contest, the band would welcome any financial support that can be offered.

To this end we have a special ‘Go Fund Me’ fund raising page: